We are a creative studio with magical helpers who design and bring to life digital games – this is what we do at  Matoto Play HQ. Our mission is to make education “Childs Play”. We believe through play we may better educate ourselves about the universe we live in whilst at the same time unlocking our creativity. We therefore develop digital toys & games that entertain, help stimulate imagination &  educate in an indirect manner.
To build “original” apps is one of our missions. We don’t want to sell apps that replicate real life – apps that allow you to bake cakes or iron your clothes are just examples. We want to help you stretch that imagination just that little bit further. We also know that as much we all love our electronics we should set limits on the time we spend, so it is even more important we produce original toys that entertain you yet make  use of you & your families valuable time in a constructive manner.
The paid Apps we create are designed for the user  to play in a safe, non-commercial, ethical environment without advertising or in-app purchases. You will find paid apps created by Matoto Play will not have IAP or adverts. We hope to create a safe haven away from the real world for little & bigger users to creatively immerse themselves into.
Our Founder  Yasmin, is just a regular mum who enjoys designing  original, entertaining , interactive games that help unlock creativity yet educate in a positive manner.