Real Estate and Business Broker with substantial experience in contract law and development of exit strategies. Priority placed on customizing strategies for the individual business needs. Focus on intellectual property, and separating the business assets from the Real Estate assets to maximize value for the owner, preparation of blind business profile for sale and negotiation with prospective buyers with absolute confidentiality.

Broad experience in all aspects of commercial and residential property management, component depreciation & maintenance schedules and financial management. Direct experience with real estate brokerage, financial/insurance consulting and venture capital.

My current focus is directed toward assisting entrepreneurs and those who seek to become an entrepreneur and the "Personal Development Industry." By providing individuals and couples a complete system that includes "business planning, product development, product manufacturing, delivery of product to end users and order fulfillment, retail sales and marketing, direct sales, rsidual income, coaching, internet presence and marketing."

Specializing in team building. Interested in academic work as well, and advising corporations on workforce "Personal Development" principles to improve leadership, productivity and persistancy. For Corporations and individuals who are downsizing or have been laid off the focus is directed toward entrepreneurial education, coaching and mentoring.

SpecialtiesSystems, Team Building, Coaching, Mentoring, Direct & Retail Sales via an internet model, Home Based Business Model, Personal Development, Entrepreneurial Education