These Virtual Portals connect the needy and the lonely to the people around the world who desperately seek connections. People today are looking for a purpose in life way beyond once self-centered needs, desires & bad habits. Everyone today, have got isolated and not able to fulfill their need to be socially connected. These portals help in the process to bridge this very gap. 

Our vision is to create a world where we can facilitate lots of virtual connections between Child and Elder homes periodically with people across the world.   

If this is made possible, we can envision a truly connected World that gives a larger purpose to lots of people to look beyond our own self-obsessed lives to a bigger cause and a bigger purpose in life. 

Today with the pandemic and the closure of schools the problems have only risen many folds.

1.6 Billion children across the world are affected, if they are not supported and encouraged they would fall prey to wrong habits, child labor on in even in many cases child marriages.

With these virtual connections, it is possible to encourage and support the child/elder homes and who knows if it done well every child in the world would have a virtual family to get connected.