Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. was founded in May 2008. After working with a local publishing company to develop a software solution to manage their business, founder Chris Sedlak decided that the same business principals would apply to many other businesses desperately needing some sort of organization.

And, Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. was created with the goal of providing efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses allowing them to "swim" with the big companies who have million-dollar software programs. Since it's creation, Little Fish Big Ocean has helped businesses in several industries, including visual marketing & signage, attractions, publishing and legal practice.

"Off-the-shelf business organization software just doesn't cut it for most businesses. Each business is trying to be unique compared to their competition. How different can you really be if you are managing your business with the same software?" says Chris. "We approach each business with an open mind and a blank page. It's almost like an artist with a blank canvas. And when we are done, the client has a system that is as unique and tuned to their company as they imagined." And it doesn't have to end there. As the business migrates into the software, processes tend to change because they are now handled in a more efficient manner. Little Fish Big Ocean maintains a close relationship with each of their clients, offering free bug fixes and unrivaled support that the big companies can't.

"We are truly committed to each client of ours. Since we become so integrated into their daily workflow and business management, we take customer service very seriously. My cell phone and email is available to all my clients."

Chris Sedlak
Developer & Founder
Little Fish Big Ocean Inc.