Maxcom Technologies, the group of professionals in the field of Security Systems, is a leading supplier & installer of Analog CCTV Camera and IP Camera systems, DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) and NVRs (Network Video Recorder), Access Control, Biometric, Intrusion Security Alarm, and Automation systems. We have installed and maintain our systems in many commercial, residential & large retail chains in the UAE.  

Maxcom Technologies rank high amongst leading security companies in Dubai and UAE. We are approved Security Solutions provider and system integrator n Dubai and other Emirates.

Any Maxcom security system is police approved and meets tough compliance specifications, built to integrate smoothly with one another.

Maxcom’s main area of specialty is Remote Monitoring or in other words remote access to installed security cameras and other devices, creating a central management system for its clients to view and control their multiple locations simultaneously.

Central Monitoring System (LAN & Internet) comes built in our systems as a standard, it allows authorized users to log in all their different locations and view all their security cameras on the same screen by simply dragging & dropping them. Live viewing Audio/Video Playback recorded Audio/Video Record to local disk.

Monitoring of Fingerprint Time Attendance terminals: Unlike other  security systems, Maxcom’s new terminals incorporate an embedded Web Server, which enables computers on the network to setup, maintain and access the device simultaneously using a standard Internet Browser, and/or the database software “comes free with the terminal”.

Maxcom’s  IP Camera range grows every day in features and functionality, moving slowly but surely to compete with conventional CCTV camera systems, we focus and offer both systems depending on the requirements.

More about our systems:
MAXCOM offers  Conventional CCTV systems with the most advanced features like Night Vision, Day and Night switching, Ultra High Resolution Cameras exceeding 600 TV lines with wide dynamic range. For more info about CCTV cameras visit http://www.maxcom.ae/cctv

We supply and install wide range DVRs (Digital Video recorder), NVRs (Network Video Recorder), NAS (Network Attached Storage). DVRs are far from being swept away by NVRs, the uses for these all-in-one-boxes are ever expanding and becoming more and more reliable as they develop, expect features like networking to be at the core of our most basic DVR. Monitoring it from anywhere with any device, CMS allows you to centrally manage multiple DVRs in remote locations, the digital video recorder also incorporates alarm features that will Email you events. To read more about DVRs, NVRs and Storage visit http://www.maxcom.ae/dvr

Network Camera Systems bundled with Hybrid/ Network Video Recorders, suitable for mega establishments as well as smaller offices. Cameras are viewable online using a light and convenient software "or web browser" to view and manage an unlimited number of locations and cameras anywhere in the world, you can even view previously recorded video "and audio" for several months in the past. For more details visit www.maxcom.ae/ipcctv

Intrusion Alarm System (Deterrence and detection of criminals before and during burglary with police & owner notification) are accessible through the Telephone/GSM line or Network. To learn more about Intrusion alarm and its benefits visit www.maxcom.ae/alarm

Access control card readers for multiple doors, monitored by software, accessible through the Network with hundreds of protective and intuitive features as well as integration with other systems like CCTV and alarm systems, Fingerprint / Face ID detection and time attendance systems, Home automation and industrial alarm systems, allowing only authorized people to pass through doors & gates.

Time & Attendance systems (Fingerprint & Face ID terminals that control doors and calculate employees attendance hours and payroll) are accessible through the Network scalable smart card systems, monitored and backed up remotely, today we offer a few models that cater for the different needs, some models support extended HR (payroll features); while others focus more on ease of use and remote manageability. Read more about the systems on www.maxcom.ae/acta

For more information about the latest security products and advanced security systems visit www.maxcom.ae