Many people are doing LESS, as stress overwhelms them.  This overbearing stress leads to a vicious cycle of frustration and indecision in all aspects of life.

My vision for the community is one that is fully of energy, vitality, happiness, and prosperity.  I want my practice members to live fully, live large, and dream big!    

My purpose is to help my practice members reach their Maximal Health potentials, thereby allowing them to have their Best Possible Lives!

To achieve this lofty goal I have affiliated myself with the prestigious Life By Design group of Wellness based Chiropractors, we share a vision of getting 1 Million families under true wellness care.    This globally based group of Chiropractors shares a passion of helping humanity Maximize their lives through Chiropractic and By Design lifestyle choices.  My office, located in the Irving/ Las Colinas area of Dallas-Fort Worth, will be the first office in the state of Texas.  

We teach our practice members about themselves, how the body works and how to maximize the innate, inborn, intelligence with them.   I deliver a series of specialized lectures in my office to really anchor our members on the big idea, that the body is intelligent, self-healing and self-regulating.   I share a Powerful introduction to this Big Idea with all new members, and follow up monthly with the Life By Design Series: Eat by Design, Move by Design, and Think By Design to ensure our members really get the tools they need to succeed.

As a chiropractor I locate the stress on the spine, gently adjust the spine to restore the alignment and movement thereby allowing the FLOW of intelligence from Brain to Body to greatly improve. I also show my patients how to Eat, How to move their bodies, and how to focus their minds on creating the life and health they desire. It's all about helping YOU live life to your fullest potential, naturally.

Maximal Health Chiropractic and Wellness is where families come to get well and stay well. Our practice members share a common belief that health comes from within them, and they believe that they are in control of their health futures; our members are much empowered and highly educated about how the body works from the inside- out to create health.  

Our practice members are taught how to do what works to not only improve their lives, but strategies that may actually save their lives.

If you are interested to learn more about how we measure health, how we help our practice members create the lives they really want, and want to know how we could help you; call: 972.409.0016 to set up your free consultation with Dr. Jason C. Black