Event organizers need cost effective, creative and service oriented event production.

Maximum Conventions is a general service contractor whose business model is uniquely structured for these times.  Our staff knows how to carry into action your requirements to assist you in producing spectacularly successful shows.

Maximum Conventions team is well versed in all aspects of production.  Veteran crews that can efficiently execute all the details while providing you, your staff and your exhibitors the highest levels of service. The result is a smooth show process that marshals all of our resources to produce a great show……each and every event.

Maximum Conventions provides a cost effective alternative with uncompromising performance. Throughout the planning process you and your exhibitors are uniquely serviced…….questions are readily answered and issues are properly addressed with functional solutions.  

On site, Maximum Conventions’ high standards and flexibility, smoothly resolve any occurrence. When it’s time to pack it all up and get ready for your next event, the same Maximum Conventions team members will be there from show to show, year after year.

What you get is an uncompromised comfort level at an affordable price.        

Maximum Conventions….Maximum Service, Maximum Cost Effectiveness