Maxso Technologies provides eBook conversion at a low cost with high quality. Our state-of-art tools and processes can convert any type of materials like paperback, Images, PDF, InDesign, MS-Word / RTF books to any eBook format. We can provide eBook in various formats like OeB, Mobipocket, E-Pub etc. Each process has its own validation rules to display the eBook in a comfortable format.

eBook, Data entry, Digitization, XML / xHTML Conversion, OCR, Scanning, Indexing, MARC 21 Retroconversion, EAD Encoding, Medical Billing / Coding, Data Conversion, Data mining, Document conversion services.

Our team is well-qualified and fully trained. Maxso Technologies has a reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Our people are experienced and forward thinking professionals working in a diverse cultural environment. We believe
that an environment where all employees contribute ideas and take responsibility for continually improving our service is the key to fulfilling our customer needs. Maxso Technologies has designed data entry process based on the quality requirement. Using state-of-art software tools, the data entry can be done for Plain text as well as Forms. Portable Document format (PDF) is reliable and trusted as digital format worldwide. It is an Open Standard, Multiplatform, Extensible, Rich in file integrity, More Secure, searchable and easy accessible. PDF files look like original documents and
preserve source file information text, drawings, video, 3D, maps, full-color graphics, photos, and even business logic regardless of the application used to create them.
Maxso Technologies converts the archival documents into PDF format. The PDF can be supplied as Image PDF or Text PDF or text behind Image PDF. We will analyze the archival materials and suggest the best solution based on the customer requirement and budget.

Maxso Technologies people have vast knowledge in Cataloguing. A unique process is designed to provide the data in both MarcXML, MARC21 & UNIMARC formats.

Maxso Technologies is expert in XML encoding either for a book or journal. We have hands of experience in XML Encoding. DocBook, TEI, DTBook, NIMAS, Open eBook, Math ML, PubMed, NLM, MathML, PREMIS, Dublin Core, MODS, METS, ALTO.