Mayati Gig is a mobile and desktop application that instantaneously connects job seeker with job providers. Within seconds of creating a new job posting,qualified candidates are notified on their mobile devices. No black holes, no days spent searching for jobs, and no weeks waiting for responses. in short, we bring the job to you anytime anywhere!

As a job seeker, you just fill out your profile and you’re ready to be notified. No need to spend days or weeks looking for jobs. We take away the frustration associated with being yet another number out of thousands or millions—a needle in a haystack. Within seconds of a matching job being posted, we notify you on your mobile device and/or by email. You can simply contact the recruiter/job provider by responding to the notification.  

As a job provider, just create your job posting(s) and we’ll notify qualified candidates within seconds of your posting a job. You can also create “targeted” business events that are geared towards candidates with specific skills. We also notify those qualified users/candidates within seconds. You can then track the number of users/candidates who responded to your event posting. Why pay for ads to promote jobs or events to users who do not fit your target audience.  

Our goal is to radically transform the recruiting industry with a hybrid of mobile and social technologies. Rather than adding your resume to millions of others and hoping one or more recruiters would tumble on it, Our patent-pending algorithm circumvents that lengthy process by immediately matching jobs and events postings to your profile. Consequently both job seekers & providers instantaneously get what they’re looking for and in the process save hours and days searching and matching. This is the true meaning instant hiring!