Maycrest Capital is a research and asset management firm founded in 2002. The firm's focus is to manage assets using the Maycrest Balanced Fund Strategy. The Strategy is designed to produce alpha over a business cycle by holding long equity positions in bull markets, when the economy is expanding, and to reduce exposure to the equity market in unfavorable economic conditions.

Some highlights:
- The benchmark of the Strategy is the S&P 500 Index.
- The Strategy takes an active risk management approach to investing in the stock market.
- The Strategy invests in the U.S. stock market when the stock market is in an uptrend or trading in a trading range. It is designed to capture the return of the broad U.S. equity market.
- Assets are typically invested in exchange traded funds ("ETFs").
- Equity market exposure is reduced when an equity market decline is anticipated because of expected weak economic conditions. Assets held may include bonds, inverse ETFs and other hedging instruments.  

The Strategy is designed to achieve - over a business cycle - returns in excess of a buy-and-hold strategy by limiting drawdowns typically experienced in recessionary periods. The Strategy is implemented using separately managed accounts.