We can offer you our assistance at different levels, depending how much you would like to do yourselves. It goes without saying that our more comprehensive services will give you a more complete and ready solution, which also is likely to be of higher quality than if you do it yourself due to our local presence and expertise concerning the business community.

McBus: includes advising and assisting with any aspect of a company's business that will enable to expand or optimize their international business and growth. We provide an objective focus and analyzing your business needs & development consistent to change your vision. Add value and increase performance for companies.
MarketReach Programme; provide to global companies as trustable, reasonable channel to make business and invest in Turkey and via this channel in Europe as well.

McTEM: has already expanded its business segment to develop by own custom  IT applications to serve current customers own needs. Depends on its know-  how due to IT and high end solutions and products experience.

McCall: is an outsourcing based solution that provide prestructured sytems by using call center outsourcing, helpdesk and CRM software. Consultancy upon Customer Experience and Performance Management.

McSource: is an outsourcing based solution that provides global sourcing & procurement consulting by raw materials as iron and steel & Chemicals.

McFin: Financing and Management Consulting Services include providing direct investments channels in carefully selected start-ups and early-stage companies and entrepreneurs. Services include; providing, creating, analyzing, reporting , developing and realizing capital