McCoy’s is one of the largest family-owned suppliers of lumber, building supplies and farm and ranch equipment in America. We’ve built our business by offering products that our customers need at a price they can afford while providing exceptional service by knowledgeable employees.

Started in 1927 as a contract roofing company in Houston, Texas, McCoy's has evolved from a small, one-store operation into an expansive regional corporation with 85 stores located throughout five states and annual sales in excess of $550 million.

Hurricane Carla hit the Texas Gulf Coast in 1961, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. While many businesses engaged in opportunistic pricing in the period that preceded and followed the storm, Emmett McCoy refused to take advantage of his customers, establishing McCoy’s commitment to its communities, a standard to which the company still holds itself today.

For more than 80 years, McCoy's has worked to deal fairly with all whose lives we touch. For McCoy’s ethical business practices are not an afterthought or a learned technique, but rather, the only way to do business. It is this approach to business that has brought about stable, long-term relationships with our employees, our customers and our vendors. We know that McCoy’s would not be the company it is today without their contributions to our growth and success.

McCoy's adheres to a long-standing decision to remain closed on Sundays. Although we know some customers enjoy being able to shop whenever they wish, others shop with us six days a week precisely because we are closed on Sundays. Many employees have also commented that they appreciate being a part of a company that allows them dependable time with their families each week.

An important part of our leadership development is the understanding that every person’s personal life is important. This simple expression of respect for the private lives of our employees is repaid many times over in loyalty.

McCoy’s exists for people who have a passion for building. Our customers aren’t just good with their hands. They’re good with their heads, too. And they know that McCoy’s understands their business, their hobbies and their lifestyles better than any other building supplier.

At McCoy’s, we share your passion for building and we welcome the opportunity to get to know and serve you better.

McCoy’s. Go Build Something.