Founded by Edward G. McDonnell in 2003, McDonnell and Associates, PA is a multi-state general practice law firm with a focus on real estate law, title development, and settlement services.

McDonnell and Associates PA has closed thousands of real estate transactions, involving the purchase, sale, and refinance of commercial and residential real estate properties. The firm demonstrated its dedication to compliance by achieving a SOC II Designation as codified by the AICPA and an ALTA’s Best Practice Certificate.

Edward G. McDonnell has been a long-time advocate for innovation in the workplace.  Since the inception of the firm, technology and mobile closing attorneys have been utilized to transform the closing process, in turn allowing the firm to meet the modern-day needs of scheduling, flexibility, and convenience.  

By leveraging cutting edge technology, the firm is able to monitor key milestones in the transactional process and manage strict service levels, including title turn time, title clearance, closing scheduling, closing quality and title policy production, as well as generate instantaneous reports of files per client based on service level agreements.  The firm also introduced the implementation of e-closings and e-recording which streamlines the transactional process while remaining competitive with its ever-evolving market.  

Edward G. McDonnell has demonstrated that the most efficient way to grow a business is to market services and provide outstanding customer service. He has done this by bringing a meaningful approach to marketing the firm while encouraging employee involvement and customer feedback.   Using the latest technology, the firm will continue to be an industry frontrunner and transformational player in the workplace.  

McDonnell and Associates, PA is headquartered at 2442 Devine Street, Columbia, SC 29205 under the supervision of South Carolina managing attorney Andrew Thompson.