Catering Stone replaces ice, electricity, and open flame with food-safe technology.

Your guests deserve the very best. Each joyous wedding reception, milestone corporate event, or special occasion dinner is a once in a lifetime celebration that will be remembered forever. Each tiny detail is important.

Now, you can offer your guests a truly unique opportunity to create a spectacular buffet display without the need for messy, melting ice baths, trailing electrical cords, or unattractive cans of potentially scorching open flame. It’s Catering Stone.

Using 100% food-safe technology, Catering Stone delivers the constant, dependable temperatures of below 40 ° F and above 140 ° F.
Like it hot?

Maintaining the temperature of hot foods is crucial to their visual appeal, taste, and most importantly, safety. Catering Stone keeps food above 140 ° F without continuing to cook. Never again forget to fill a water pan and scorch an entrée or have guests complain about the “extra seasoning” that canned heat can sometimes provide!

Catering Stone is an amazing solution for use when catering in locations where open flame is not permitted due to insurance regulations. Severely limited menu options when catering in offices, museums, and hospitals are now a thing of the past.

And, unlike canned heat, Catering Stone lasts for 1,000 uses, for up to 6 hours* per use.

Cold as ice!

Wilting lettuce, tepid carved fruit, and melting ice cream are unappetizing at best… dangerous at worst. Like warm entrees, cold foods must maintain their temperature to ensure the safety of your guests.

With Catering Stone, your food is kept at a constant of below 40 ° F. No longer will you need to haul bags of dripping ice from kitchen to venue or clean up the mess at the end of the evening.

Plus, Catering Stone is good for 1,000 uses for up to 20 hours* per use.

The frozen units also act as a thermal battery backup to freezers. If a freezer breaks down and begins to warm up the units will begin to transition and keep the freezer cold for up to an additional 8 hours protecting your food assets.

How does Catering Stone work?

Each Catering Stone is filled with phase change materials which are 100% food safe. These materials are created for either hot use or cold use in several temperatures including:

-23° Celsius (-4° Fahrenheit)
-10° Celsius (14° Fahrenheit)
+65° Celsius (150° Fahrenheit)
+85° Celsius (185° Fahrenheit) COMING SOON!

Catering Stones are easy to use. For cold units, freeze vertically overnight. For hot Catering Stones, warm in water for two hours for large units and one hour for medium or small units.

Our Warranty

Pensak Technologies guarantees the units are free from defects. Catering Stones will last for 1,000 uses if properly used and never warmed in an oven or microwave (as this will destroy the units). Pensak Technologies will replace any defective unit for up to a year from date of purchase.

*Hot and cold durations are dependent upon several factors, including size, ambient temperature, and insulation during use.