MeMD™ makes visiting a doctor convenient, enjoyable, and affordable – the way it should be. We connect patients in need of immediate care with certified urgent care providers via a secure, web-based videoconference.

Through MeMD, patients can be examined, diagnosed, and treated, including prescriptions (if needed), online. Most patients are seen and treated in thirty minutes or less with no drive time or wait time at the doctor’s office. We have the nation’s most comprehensive network of urgent care providers to see patients online or in-person if further follow-up is required after a web visit.

No insurance is necessary and there is no membership fee or commitment to sign-up. Our low per-web visit fee of $44.95 is less expensive than most insurance co-pays for urgent care and ER and much more affordable than what those patients without health insurance pay at the ER or urgent care.

MeMD can treat approximately 80% of minor illnesses and injuries that unnecessarily land thousands people in costly ERs each day via a convenient and secure web consultation. Please note: MeMD is targeted for patients in need of treatment for common ailments that require a medical professional and DOES NOT prescribe lifestyle medications or narcotic pain medications online. If you would like to get started and consult a physician from the comfort of your own home or any location with online access, please visit www.MeMD.me. Don’t wait until you’re sick! Setting up a free MeMD account will save time for future online consultations with MeMD’s national network of urgent care providers.


Our mission is to expand access to quality healthcare by delivering trusted Telehealth solutions.

Our vision is to create a healthier world through on-demand healthcare.