Meisha Amia, is today's young, educated, savvy, and creative mind. Known for her skills to "light up a room." She has an open mind and an open voice when it comes to being heard and seen. She can be called a "Jill of All Trades," for she wears many hats.
Meisha has been evolving in her public relations field since 2009. Which was the same year she recieved a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. She did not start her own agency until August 2013.  Most people find it amazing that she fills publicist shoes and nursing shoes. Ironically, throughout her nursing career she always had a passion for public health nursing, which lead her to her next passion, public relations. Meisha got started with brand development, at that time she was just helping a close friend establish her business. Well after that Meisha went on to help another friend and thats when she discovered her talents in public relations. She started loving the entertainment & fashion world at a young age. That was the initial plan to do entertainment & fashion PR. From there she found herself connecting health awareness to publicity. Meisha is known for her public relations skills using health awareness campaigns in the community and charitable causes that relate to public health issues. She helps you get your brand out with health awareness strategies. Meisha is a girl with a love for fashion, entertainment & healthcare. At last she has found a place for all of her passions. MeMe House of PR, where health and publicity only make sense!