The Me Time Wellness Weekend -- taking place at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, one mile from Washington, DC's Reagan National Airport --  is designed for those women who spend most of their time doing things for everyone else -- women who are also always promising themselves to make time to get some exercise, finally get their hormones -- like thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones -- sorted out, try out healthy new recipes, learn how to meditate, and discover new hair and beauty tips.

With presentations, workshops and sessions, the weekend features seven of the nation's top experts in  fitness, hormonal health, stress management, mind-body health, nutrition, and hair/beauty.

The MeTime Wellness Weekend is a lifestyle reboot, a fast-forward to better health and energy, and a chance to connect with other women and wellness advocates for"Me Time." More information on the weekend is available at the event's website,


The MeTime Wellness Weekend is a chance for participants to learn from and share with leading wellness experts, exploring practical ways to:

* lose inches, strengthen joints and muscles, raise metabolism, eliminate toxins, and balance hormones with movement that works, both inside and out
* fit fitness into a busy schedule, whether at work, home, or at the grocery store
* identify the signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances, and then, how to incorporate the right doctors, experts, treatments and lifestyle changes to get those hormones back on track
* eat healthy, energizing, nutritious — but most important — delicious food, without spending hours in the kitchen, or ever going near a leaf of kale!
* use natural, integrative and side-effect free approaches to conquer depression, anxiety, perimenopause/menopause, adrenal issues and weight gain
* use the power of breathwork for energy, relaxation, stress reduction, detoxification, and happiness
* use simple guided meditations to get body and mind speaking the same language, helping achieve peace, healing, gratitude and love
* look younger and thinner — and feel confident, sexy and glamorous — with simple changes to hair and beauty regimens


The Me Time Wellness Weekend presenters include seven of the nation's leading wellness and mind-body health experts, including:

Teresa Tapp – internationally-acclaimed fitness and movement guru, PBS star, and best-selling author of Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, and founder of the groundbreaking T-Tapp Workouts. The T-Tapp system of movement that helps remove toxins, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, with fast, visible inch loss. T-Tapp is the rehabilitative workout that works from the inside out, isn't adrenally exhausting, doesn't require hours in the gym, and has fast, measurable results -- even in a weekend.

Mary Shomon – New York Times best-selling author of 12 books, including The Thyroid Diet Revolution, teacher, and thyroid and hormonal patient advocate. For two decades, Mary has been an outspoken advocate working for better care for people with thyroid challenges, autoimmune disease and hormone imbalances. Mary has been the About.com Thyroid Expert at http://thyroid.about.com since 1997, and has co-starred on Teresa Tapp's popular PBS health programs. Mary has been featured in hundreds of national and international television, radio, magazine and newspaper interviews.

Dr. Kevin Passero – DC-based Dr. Kevin Passero is one of the nation's leading naturopathic physicians, with expertise in hormonal and neurochemical balance. His integrative approaches combine the best of natural medicine, diet, supplements, and conventional approaches to not only treat — but resolve — frustrating health issues like hypothyroidism, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, perimenopause, and more. He's a non-stuffy Sherlock Holmes, a detective who wants to get solve the mystery of what is getting in the way of women feeling and living well.  

Lisa Moretti – Lisa Moretti is a certified integrative nutritionist, health coach, and a guru of all things food. Lisa is also practical in her coaching -- she is not a "kale and quinoa-only" advocate -- rather -- she knows how busy people eat, and helps clients figure out how to eat healthy AND deliciously, without breaking the bank, owning an own organic farm, or spending hours a day making home-grown gluten-free bread.

To order the Valentine's gift package of the Me Time Weekend, call toll-free 888-810-9471.

More information on the Me Time Wellness Weekend is available at the website  -- http://www.metimeweekend.com/valentine --  or by calling the Me Time Valentine Hotline at 888-810-9471.