Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - The modern, fast-paced era has made it difficult for the typical Indian to manage the time constraints their lives demand, and the preparation of food - or even dishes to go with fresh or ready-to-eat food is a cumbersome task, while healthy food choices are also a major worry for most people nowadays.

This is where Mealsumm aims to bridge a gap with their line of instant chutneys and spice mixes. The Bhopal-based food products startup is aiming at the masses dealing with the same problem - a lack of time or effort to make dishes and chutneys while maintaining a healthy diet. The company recently launched its range of products consisting of traditional South Indian and chaat recipes, from chutneys to instant ready-to-cook mixes to spices that are pure vegetarian, natural and very health-conscious, and aims to revolutionize the ready-to-cook market with their innovative products.

Absolute convenience: Mealsumm’s first line of products have a simple concept: put the contents in a bowl, add water or one mostly optional ingredient, and prepare food in a jiffy. This means most chutneys and dishes are ready in less than a minute to around 5 minutes - and eliminate the hassle of preparing condiments or accompaniments for dishes. This can be seen in their popular South Indian range, where the classic white coconut chutney - and the onion and garlic chutneys too - can be made instantly by adding water, eliminating any grinding and cooking. Or the instant sambhar, which only requires water and vegetables and can be freshly prepared in 5 minutes. These are in a convenient powder form which means they have a long shelf life as well as are travel-friendly.

Taste assured, naturally: Mealsumm’s products are based on traditional family and street recipes and are authentic to the taste as freshly made chutneys and dishes, without a fraction of the work that goes into preparing them. Each product is thoroughly tested to be convenient to prepare and maintain the absolute taste. Mealsumm also conducts multiple taste tests for each product on varied audiences and adapts it to their feedback, which means each Mealsumm product carries the seal of approval of many Indians who have approved the taste of our products. And all of this is done with keeping every Mealsumm product 100% veg, natural and free of any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Health-conscious choice: Mealsumm is meant for an audience which needs convenience in their food as well as be a health-conscious choice for everyone. Almost all Mealsumm products mostly require only water and can be eaten absolutely oil-free, and can be safely consumed by weight watchers and heart patients. This makes Mealsumm’s range a trusted choice for daily, guilt-free consumption.

Mealsumm products can be purchased on the official website, mealsumm.com, as well as on the online store Amazon.in, and is being rolled out in grocery shops across Madhya Pradesh.

For press enquiries, please contact Ms. Ajitha Nair at info@mayvilservices.com or +919826846678, or the Mealsumm page at facebook.com/mealsumm.