Meanz of Operation (M.O.), is an American rap duo made up of members Ace Vane and Randolph. Both were born and raised on the north side of Jacksonville, Florida aka Duval County. The north side of Jacksonville has the highest level of poverty and the highest concentration of crime in the city. That being said, the fact that both Ran and Ace were brought up in families with strong morale and ambitious values, the temptation to do wrong did not overtake them. However, this environment did allow them to encounter a level of social and economic standing that all are not privileged to witness. M.O. infuses those episodes into their music with the sincerity and genuine lyrics that only those who've truly live it can. Meanz does not just talk about the things that make you cry. They talk about the things that make you laugh, the things that make you dance. Every facet of life, M.O. seeks to make the song that enhances that emotion. RanMan doesn't just rap, he sings as well. He is more than capable of penning an R&B song for himself, or any other artist male or female. Long time friend and Super Producer King Ru Da 3rd and Ace Vane himself produce the instrumentals that assist Meanz of Operation in painting these audible pictures, these resounding masterpieces and present them to the world.