The Vision of the Meat Free Movement is to help reduce climate change, promote peace, improve human health, reduce world hunger, and prevent animal suffering by educating the public about the benefits of meat free days and meat free diets.

The Mission of the Meat Free Movement is to link local events and initiatives that support individual action to achieve a larger collective reduction in animal agriculture.

We are a  diverse movement of people, organizations, associations and institutions throughout the world who commit to behaviors and actions that reduce or end preventable disease, world hunger and resource depletion through the promotion of the healthy organic veggie lifestyle.

The global Meat Free Movement aims to be inclusive and supportive and collaborate with meat-free, meatless, meat out and any other such initiatives promoting vegetarian and vegan food. We would be pleased to share your complementary message with our global audience. If you are hosting our banner please contact us and we will include you in our public relations campaign material as well as link to you from our website.