Medical Advantage Barcelona is a Medical Travel Coordinator located in Barcelona, Spain.

We work exclusively with hospitals and clinics in Barcelona offering quality services and treatments to international patients who seek affordable non surgical and surgical treatments.

Through world pioneering hospitals and teams of internationally renowned doctors, Medical Advantage Barcelona offer patients the possibility of obtaining a consultation/second opinion from a leading medical expert in the field as well as access to the latest in minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Our affiliated Hospitals and clinics adhere to the highest standards possible and are recognised for being some of the best hospitals in Europe.  World reference centres on the study and treatment of Cancer, Transplants and Orthopaedic Surgery, hospitals are equipped with the most recent technology available and doctors are experienced and skilled in the latest surgical techniques.

The assistance and care we provide to patients is constant throughout the entire process and the medical travel plans and packages created are flexible to suit the needs and requirements of the individual patient.