MediMundi, one of the world's largest medical tourism portals can help you find affordable alternatives to elective surgery.  The offshore doctors who have created profiles on MediMundi offer low cost medical treatments to people willing to travel abroad.  Browse our directory of international doctors specializing in medical tourism to get more information including reviews and ratings.

You can also find hospitals specializing in international patients, spa and recovery centers to complete your medical holiday and other businesses designed to assist you on your journey such as travel insurance providers.  Come visit us today so we can help you gather the information you need for a great medical travel experience!


Welcome to MediMundi, the world's largest medical tourism portal. If you are a patient who is looking for affordable alternatives to elective surgery, you can browse our directory of international doctors specializing in medical tourism. The offshore doctors who have created profiles on MediMundi offer low cost medical treatments to people willing to travel abroad.

Thinking about medical travel? MediMundi's directory of offshore hospitals will help you find the best private hospitals that cater to international patients. If you have an elective surgical procedure you need done and are looking for cheap surgery alternatives, you should consider all of your options, including hospitals abroad. There are many offshore hospitals that specialize in medical tourism and helping international patients like you travel to find cheap surgery.

Perhaps you are thinking about plastic surgery. Consider pampering yourself with a health holiday. MediMundi's directory of international doctors also includes plastic surgeons offering dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures such as face lifts, breast augmentation and tummy tucks. Our directory also includes international dentists offering cheap dental work and dermatologists that perform procedures like botox and chemical peels at a cheap price. Why get these medical procedures done at home when you can travel abroad and enjoy a medical vacation in an exotic locale around the world? The medical care is cheaper and you can recover from your surgery in a relaxing environment such as a beach. Discover whey medical tourism is becoming a popular option for people thinking about plastic surgery.

Need help putting together a medical package tour? MediMundi also includes a directory of medical spas, hotels and surgery recovery centers around the world. These private medical clinics and surgery recovery centers will help you make travel arrangements including airfare, lodging and transportation to the airport, making your medical trip abroad as easy as possible.

You can also create a patient profile and have doctors search for you! There are doctors all over the world looking for overseas patients to treat. Creating a patient profile on MediMundi will allow you to expand your options for affordable elective procedure by including offshore doctors. With MediMundi, your search for affordable medical healthcare can be global in scope.

If you are considering medical tourism, MediMundi is an invaluable resource.