Media Fortress is a 21st century business that is passionate about assisting businesses have a web presence. Having your own domain name and even a simple website is as essential as the business tools you currently take for granted, but which are becoming less and less relevant to the success of your business. For example, advertising your telephone number in a directory, or placing a regular advertisement in the classifieds in your local paper, producing pamphlets and paying people to letterbox them (indeed, cancelling this last strategy would probably pay for your Internet needs and give you change, that is if you bought from Media Fortress!).

Imagine a business without a telephone. Until the 1950s, very few businesses had a telephone and you physically went there to transact business. As telephones became widely available, you may remember one telco’s advertising campaign was “to let our fingers do the walking”. In the 21st century, businesses are found predominantly through internet searches and their exact physical location is of low importance in most cases. Unless your business has a high ranking when someone does a search for a plumber for example, your potential customer may not find you, but someone else. To have a high ranking, the internet equivalent to AAA – AAArdvark Plumbers in a print directory, you need search engine optimisation. Media Fortress’s Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] will help you achieve this position. Your business reach via the internet can be borderless, rather than roughly the size of the local government area. Having your own website is the most effective way of people finding your business and learning what it offers them. (You don’t need to offer an e-commerce function i.e. to sell actual products like ‘taps’ unless that is something you want to do, and you are ready to do that.) The reality is that as people’s methods of finding information have changed, when they can’t find your business through an internet search, they will simply do business elsewhere. Media Fortress, with its 21st century thinking and methodologies, can develop the most effective, appropriate and least cost internet solution for your business. Our business is to understand your business.

Media Fortress understands the reasons why people go into business for themselves. Media Fortress understands too the pressures of the growth phase. Owner/operators of small businesses in particular, are time poor and often watching cash flow. Yet part of your risk management strategy has to be to have trusted suppliers who partner with you to help you succeed. Similarly, Media Fortress’ success is dependent on our clients recognising that their business has been taken to new stage and that this value creation for them is our work in advising on domain names, hosting, web design, SEO and e-commerce.

The growth of e-commerce has taken traditional retailers by surprise and they are trying to catch up. Like large ocean liners, those sorts of businesses can take a long time to turn around. You can be more nimble. If you don’t currently have a domain name Media Fortress has a simple and inexpensive process. If you would like help with developing either a web site we can help you maintain, or one you manage yourself, we can assist with that too. Perhaps you have an existing website, but are concerned about your current page ranking, Media Fortress’ Search Engine Optimisation can change that for you. If you have designed baby clothes, hand made musical instruments or eco-friendly cleaning products or the like that you want to sell online rather than to restrict your geographical reach, then talk to Media Fortress about an ecommerce package

Quality work and excellent service are not always associated with a 21st-century business. Media Fortress is proud to say that the standard that we use is that the quality of our work and service is such that we would expect to receive ourselves from any business who receives our custom. Email us with a time to suit you and we will call you back promptly. Having worked in, and with, industries that don’t keep standard hours, we understand that you might prefer a discussion about your domain name, web hosting, web design, SEO optimisation or e-commerce package at a time when businesses are ordinarily closed. Media Fortress believes that a 21st-century business needs to be flexible, adaptable, price sensitive – we are all of that, and more. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your business objectives.