MediaMelon’s suite of products are used by some of the world’s largest direct-to-consumer video service providers to enhance the performance of their OTT platform. MediaMelon’s solutions help operators deliver the high quality-of-experience levels that media consumers have come to expect from OTT services, while also helping operators remain cost-competitive, and provide clear visibility of the actual video experience delivered to their viewers. MediaMelon’s cloud-based solution overlays easily on top of existing OTT platforms, bridging the gap between the headend system and each subscriber’s media player.

“MediaMelon believes in the future of internet video. The company was established to help OTT operators to deliver the best possible quality-of-experience to their users in the most cost-effective ways possible,” said Kumar Subramanian, CEO of MediaMelon. “By closing the loop between the OTT headend and client players, we are able to provide streaming, analytics, and robust content delivery that is optimized for each device type, each network type and each individual user. By tuning streaming and data gathering on a user-by-user basis rather than a system wide basis, we can help operators really optimize performance for each subscriber.”