Media Thirst brings information and transparency to the entire advertising chain, showing you what ads appear where and how those ads impact the consumer experience.

Advertising plays a critical role in the commerce space, shaping the way consumers perceive and interact with brands and content. Because of its importance in the market, advertising is also a core focus of many government compliance efforts.

Online advertising has produced an environment where deceptive ads flourish and, as consumers continue to fall victim, everyone involved in advertising efforts—from the ad creator to the publisher—is at risk.

At Media Thirst, we’re passionate about creating transparency around advertising practices, improving the state of the digital advertising industry for everyone: brands, ad and PR agencies, ad networks, affiliate marketers, publishers, legal teams, regulators, and, ultimately, consumers.

We show brands how and where their ads are displayed, let publishers see what content is actually hosted on their sites, highlight potential risk in ad content and advertising practices for ad networks and affiliate marketers, help legal teams protect their clients from litigation, and show regulators the kinds of market practices that impact the consumers they’re trying to protect.

As regulatory pressure on the advertising industry forces companies to take a closer look at their advertising practices, Media Thirst products show clients what ads appear where, highlight potential risk areas, and enable clients to identify and improve the practices of their third-party partners.


AdStream, Media Thirst’s flagship product, shows companies all of the ads associated with their brands, networks, properties, or clients to deliver insight into the consumer experience, from context to click-through. Monitoring ads on three leading platforms, traditional websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps, Media Thirst captures ads exactly as they appear on publisher sites, delivering a complete picture of ad context and content to reveal ad rendering, functionality, and redirect issues on any device.


Working in tandem with AdStream, AdFlag delivers affordable, light-touch risk assessment for every ad in a company’s AdStream. Expert analysts review each ad for the potential risk indicators important to the client and flag risky ads for review.


AdRisk assesses ad content to pinpoint ads that violate industry standards and best practices. Comprehensive AdRisk reports detail each instance of risky behavior to help companies understand risk areas and correct noncompliant ads.


AdVet, Media Thirst's advertiser vetting, delivers in-depth reporting on advertising partners, helping companies support a safe, healthy advertising environment and uphold industry best practices.

Combined, Media Thirst products help companies take back control of the advertising process. For more information on Media Thirst, visit mediathirst.com.