Zach Dorsett, a co-founder of one of the largest organic hemp farms and leading supplier of hemp genetics in Colorado, is launching his first ever children’s book that will teach children all about the positive attributes of the hemp plant.  Titled “A Hemp Story”, the book tells the story of the “magical” hemp plant through history through colorful and expressive illustrations.  The story follows two characters based off the children of Blue Forest Farms co-founder Trina Johnson’s own children Ari and Jacob as they listen to their Grampa tell them all the ways hemp has been used historically to benefit people, animals, and the planet, leading up to the current day where it has been heavily regulated and repressed.  

“It shines light on the prohibition era has constructive takeaway lessons and a call to action,” Zach states.  “It's focused on educating a generation of children that will be growing up in a world where hemp is at least semi-legal. I think one needs to know some of the history that has brought us here but also needs to know the work that it’s going to take to get us to the next level--that we need to achieve to create the long-lasting world change that we're all talking about.”