Listed in the American Bar Association's Diverse Speaker Directory, Dr. Olivia P. Friedman is The Diversity and Inclusion Speaker, to book for your next event. Here's why;

Listed as both Inclusion, Diversity Speaker, and Author at the American Bar Association's Inclusion and Diversity Speaker Directory website... Dr. Friedman is a strong advocate of the inclusion of minorities including women, within legal and judicial professions today. The National Association for Law Placement, the entity that tracks legal industry statistics has concluded that; More than 75% of firm partners are still majority white males, with women hovering at less than a mere 20% and lastly yet not least; minorities are just barely over 5%. "Companies will suffer immensely within the next decade, should they choose not to focus on implementing diversity plans within their firms, toward an end of a more diverse workforce."

Dr. Friedman is also a Certified Mediator within Alabama, whose been helping the people for over 30 years. She's not only a triple law student nearing graduation(s); She's also a graduate of key courses pertaining to negotiation, in addition to owning national and international - mediation experience.

Such achievements have earned her a very reputable, trustworthy, and solid leadership status. Additionally, Dr. Olivia Friedman has harnessed Harvard University's Program On Negotiation (PON); Olivia is clearly, a well sought after speaker.

Please contact us to book her for all your standard, civil, corporate, church, diversity and inclusion mediator and speaker needs. She also teaches bar approved (CLE) courses for obtaining 'required' mediation certification training in Alabama State, for becoming recognized as an aka 'certified' mediator.

- Mediation (Globally)
- Certified Mediator (Alabama State)
- Mediator Certification Course Training (Online/In-Person)
- Legal Client 'OneClickBooking' Scheduling/Booking Software
- ABA Diverse Speaker Directory (Listed)
- Former School Teacher (Elementary /Middle School)
- Former Software Teacher (Adult Students)
- Classroom/Online Course Developer/Writer (Both Adults and Children)
- Lesson Plan Developer/Writer (Both Adult and Student Learners)

Her most recent engagements involving inclusion of minorities in legal and judicial professions was praised by the two corporations she was invited to speak at in May and June of  this year (2018)

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