The Medical Accident Group has the finest expert lawyers who will offer complete advice and support across the wide range of Medical Negligence and Major Injury Issues. We not only help with claiming compensation, but also with accessing rehabilitation and medical care, we are the experts that can get the right outcome for you.

The Medical Accident Group is the UK’s foremost and dedicated medical negligence and major injury law firm. Our experience has been built on 200 years of legal practice from our parent firm of solicitors. Our Partners knew the UK market needed a dedicated clinical negligence and severe injury law firm – after all, the work we do is probably some of the most complex in the legal sector, and hence the Medical Accident Group was born.

Our solicitors are experts in their chosen field and are amongst the most experienced in the country. We are frequently asked to contribute to seminars and education groups on the experiences and after effects of major injuries and medical accidents. The expertise that our solicitors have means they regularly host presentations and conferences to inform the medical profession on what they know, but also to teach other solicitors, and provide them with invaluable knowledge to help them to better deal with serious injuries.

Our lawyers are also among the most dedicated and experienced in the country, and have dealt with some life changing cases. This not only requires a professional approach but also that we provide empathy and careful consideration of your needs during the legal process.

Our service is different to many other law firms. We understand that it is not just compensation for what has happened that is important.

We are experts in ensuring that your future care needs are also provided for, particularly where children have suffered. Our highly sought after solicitors regularly contribute to organisations and groups who help victims of medical negligence and major injury, and we are at the forefront of getting medical standards improved.

The Medical Accident Group has expert lawyers that can help you, not only with claiming compensation, but also with accessing rehabilitation and medical care to ensure you get your life back to the way it should be.

Picking up the phone and calling us today could make an enormous difference to your life. We treat every client with sensitivity and care, and are committed to delivering our absolute best, every time, to achieve the right result. We believe that this commitment, coupled with our unique service, sets the standard that every client deserves. The Medical Accident Group, more than just a law firm.