When instructed by a client, the most appropriate medical expert witness from our network is selected to prepare the report considering their specialism, location and experience so they can best aid the litigation process.
This document contains all details about the medical treatment, examination and diagnosis of a patient, as well as other details about the case. In general, a Medico Legal report provides support to the claim by evidencing the injury sustained, that it was caused by the incident complained of and the extent and duration of the symptoms caused. If a full recovery has not yet taken place, the expert can also offer their opinion on the prognosis for recovery, that is, if and when the ongoing symptoms should recover.
Where a victim has not recovered from their injuries the expert may also recommend further medical investigations or treatment.
Medico-legal report could be used in any legal matter where expert medical witness evidence is required to prove or disprove some aspect of the case. Reports are commissioned by the legal representative of the injury victim (insurance company/ solicitor) who the victim has instructed to help them pursue their case. When the law firm is confident that the claim has reached the right stage in the legal process and that they can incur the cost involved in obtaining a report, they contact Medical Reporting to assist them.

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