Medipsy Psychological Services was founded in 2012 by Drs. Marilyn Fitzpatrick and Martin Drapeau - professors at McGill University - to provide state-of-the-art personalized psychological services, including neuropsychological and psychological assessments as well as psychotherapy to individuals of all ages. To meet the needs of its clientele, Medipsy opened an ADHD Clinic in 2015, and expanded its services to include specialized ADHD assessments, coaching, and other services for children, adolescents and adults. In 2016, Medipsy also opened a specialized clinic for the treatment of phobias, and now offers innovative treatments and techniques, including virtual reality assisted therapy, to individuals presenting with a variety of fears. Because Medipsy is also a training institute, it offers established psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, counsellors and psychotherapists evidence-based assessment and psychotherapy training. Medipsy is committed to an evidence-based approach in the delivery of services and contributes to the development of the scientific basis for treatment through involvement in treatment research and knowledge transfer.