Founded in 1980, MES originated as a one man start-up medical equipment repair service. Over the past 29 years, the company has gone through several iterations to accommodate this dynamic and demanding business segment.
The key contributing factor to the success of MES is the determination of the owner and employees. A value system based on ethical business practices and quality work has made us a very desirable company with which to do business. Due to these tenets, MES has grown at a steady and determined rate over the last 29 years, and has been able to withstand the dynamics of the medical market while others have perished.

MES is a multi-vendor, multi-modality integrated service company, having developed through factory and third party training, the ability to accommodate the service needs of a wide segment of customers. Our customer base includes medical offices of all practice types, imaging centers, surgery centers, veterinary hospitals, chiropractic offices, large hospitals and healthcare systems.

We have represented many vendor companies in the medical imaging sales arena. Primarily we are aligned with manufacturers and distributors that keep us in contact with the regional healthcare base that we service.

MES is confident about our experience, the abilities of our employees and our dedication to providing a quality value package. We look forward to continuing to provide this same level of satisfaction to new and existing customers.