Meditech International Inc. initiated research into the development of Laser Therapy devices in 1989. Incorporating its patented, proprietary technology, Meditech designs, manufactures, markets and treats with the BioFlex Laser Therapy system.

The goal of the company is to engineer devices that are superior to those in existence and scientifically develop accurate, effective protocols to treat a variety of medical conditions in the musculoskeletal field. The company’s primary objective is to significantly improve the multiple pathologies it encounters in the shortest possible time. Guidelines to that effect consist of the elimination of pharmaceuticals and pain and the restoration of normal mobility and quality of life.

The company also conducts extensive clinical research with the objective of expanding the scope of application of these devices, particularly in conditions where current medical approaches are ineffective. Laser Therapy utilizing the BioFlex platform has been successfully utilized to treat a range of medical conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, sports injuries and wounds. Check out our clinics' Showcase page for more information.

BioFlex systems are operative in 48 countries worldwide and have been termed the gold standard in the industry.

Corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario.