We are Digital Health experts with a sole focus on improving engagement of individuals, caregivers, and care providers. Our mission is to improve the healthcare journey by crafting user experiences that engage those individuals and facilitate business transformation.

We are leaders in defining, designing, developing, and deploying digital health solutions.

Through our consulting group, we provide services in digital strategy, user experience design, digital health technology enablement, and product/program validation.  From concept to pilot to commercial launch, we deliver solutions that extend existing IT assets (portals, EHRs, care management platforms) with consumer-friendly digital tools.

Through our patient engagement platform, VARA™, we help our clients create “engagement hubs”, where care can be delivered through digital channels and touchpoints (telehealth, apps, wearables, connected devices, voice AI) while keeping a unified view of the patient and connecting them to their care teams. We help make the most of first- and third- party tools across the healthcare continuum.
Medullan (inclusive of VARA™) is a HITRUST and ISO-27001 certified organization.