More than just an online automotive listing site, MeetAuto.ca is a one-stop-shop marketplace with a social media feel that makes it convenient for our generation to engage when buying or selling a vehicle.

You’re not going to believe the functionality of these simple features. Here is a quick glimpse of what car buyers and sellers can do:

-     Post ads for FREE and upgrade ads to make them stand out.

-     Create a social-media-style car listing for the car you’re selling, including 20 photos and a sleek, modern presentation format.

-     Push your ads to social media to maximize network exposure.

-     Create car profiles based on your dream search criteria for the car you’d like to buy, search multiple cars at a time, and receive notifications of the latest cars that match your needs.

-     Review notifications, messages & test-drive requests and search profile matches through the Marketplace Hub.

-     Browse & save your car favorites, creating your follow list for later review.

-     Compare up to four of your top picks side-by-side with the click of a mouse.

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