Aussie Home Inventories is a leader in the Home Inventory Service industry in Australia. A professional property recording / documentation service, managing a Global Inventory Information Network. A network of information sites designed to help homes, property owners and small business to prepare for loss. A service helping people concerned about loss of property and contents, who want to increase their prospects of a quick recovery and prove ownership and condition of property, by being prepared.

A local Home Inventory Service is offered to Australians, in active service areas. A global audience is offered information and products, needed in taking inventory and preparing for loss through disaster, emergency and theft.

Inventory preparation, creation and management information on the Global Inventory Information Network  includes:

- Home Inventory Lists.
- Home Inventory Software.
- On-line Inventories.
- Home Inventory Services.

Information on preparing homes and business for loss and recovery covers:

- Disaster Preparation : Evacuation & Survival.
- Loss Reduction.
- Home Security : Protection.
- ID Theft : Protection & Safety.
- Law & Legal Services.
- Property Valuation : Management : Insurance.

All information on the Global Inventory Information Network is available in all languages, that are supported by the 'Google Translator'. Translated pages can be easily converted, into pages ready for mobile phones, email after 'pdf' conversion by the on-site applications, and are easily listened to on MP3 devices.

Aussie Home Inventories knows that 'Loss Is Random & Preparation Is Not'.

This Home Inventory Service based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, hopes the Global Inventory Information Network will help its audience, to increase taking inventory of property and contents more efficiently.