Navigating today‚Äôs complex and ever changing financial risk mine field can seem overwhelming.  Mela Capital Group provides the road map to safely navigate you through to the other side.  Since 2005 Mela Capital Group has been providing loan level quality control due diligence, mortgage fraud and portfolio risk analysis.  With over $10 billion in mortgage loan audits and the most seasoned team of experts in the industry, managing your risk is our business.  MCG works hand in hand with our clients to develop and execute the strategies that protect your bottom line, all in a language you can understand so you can focus on running your business.

Our expertise lies in our experience.  We analyze your files at the loan level according to Agency guidelines or your specified requirements.  Utilizing your sample or providing independent statistical sampling, you can rest assured that every detail of your loan will be evaluated by the most seasoned underwriting team in the industry.  No document will be left unevaluated.