Melba Christine is more than a label... it’s a journey. Every woman has many sides, many passions, many strengths, and many expressions of herself.

Every Melba Christine collection is a celebration and exploration of that creative spirit. We celebrate you... the woman with a zest for life, the woman who finds inspiration in everything around her. Her favorite colors. Her favorite foods. Her favorite music. Her favorite special places, wherever they may be in the world, where she feels most at home.

Our collections are often inspired by art, including modern artists like Degas and Matisse, who also celebrated women and their wonderful, complex journey through life. We hope that each collection, and each bag, touches a mood, a feeling, an aspiration... and helps express some new part of yourself that turns your world into a work of art.

Explore your world. Express yourself. Discover the many sides of Melba Christine.