Established by Mr Ashutosh Agarwal, a practising lawyer from Sydney, Australia, Melea is based in Delhi, India.

Like high quality law, accounting, investment banking and consulting firms, we are a professional services firm with a high performance, workaholic culture and we are not shy of admitting to be so.

Our team members routinely serve our clients at short notices and within tight time frames even in evenings and on weekends. While this may make for a gruelling work life, we enjoy the immense satisfaction that our work and success gives to us.

As a trusted outsourcing partner to several successful businesses, Melea has long-term partnerships with respected, high profile businesses and individuals globally particularly, Australia and India.

We rely on our knowledge, expertise and rich experience combined with our ‘can do’ approach to deliver innovative, individual solutions to our clients to assist them achieve their business objectives efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

The things that set us apart are our approach to what we do, how we do our work and our values.

We are flexible, focused on each of our clients as if they are the last client on earth. We take ownership and responsibility of our client’s work in a manner that goes beyond just providing good services.

Each member of our team closely aligns their ambitions around those of our clients. Together, our team collectively measures its success in terms of our clients’ success.

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2. Web Hosting.
3. Digital Marketing.
4. SEO.
5. Administrative Services.