Mission: to deliver leading specialist equipment for automatic and robotic welding.

MeltTools provides high-quality, innovative welding tools at competitive prices. When you buy from MeltTools you can expect :

Quality: Our products are built by leading manufacturers, e.g. our MeltView 100 camera system is produced by an established camera manufacturer certified to ISO 9001. All of our product solutions are engineered and rigorously tested from multiple prototypes, and we ensure their simplicity of use, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Value: It is important to us to provide our customers with the best value possible. We are able to do so by keeping overheads low and employing ground-breaking technologies and business systems.

Design: Our MeltTools are designed to improve the quality and productivity of the end-users' welding operations as well as their workshop environment.

Knowledge : Our business is founded on global expertise in arc processing (you can check out an award-winning review paper here). If we can't solve your problem, in most instances we can tell you who can.

MeltTools is a privately held company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. We are a young company, founded in February 2010 by the brother and sister team of Andrew Short and Kate Stachurski.