Founded in 1997, H&T Medical Solutions LLC (HTMS) is a privately-held Michigan software company based in Metro-Detroit.  Our original product, MentalNote®, was developed and designed by a psychiatrist who wanted a simple electronic documentation system for his private practice.

HTMS has offered that simple, easy-to-use system to others in the field.  Today, MentalNote® is being used in five countries by psychologists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, social workers and other behavioral health professionals who value the time savings and peace of mind it provides.

Building upon that original product, HTMS now offers MentalNote® FE (Free Edition), MentalNote® SE (Solo Edition), and MentalNote® Cloud, a fully-hosted, HIPPA-compliant database integrated with e-prescribing. Our dedicated staff is committed to creating unique, innovative software while keeping the art of medicine in mind!