We currently are working on some ideas that would move our community forward as it relates to the current state of our young people around the nation and around the world. Our tailored presentations allow us to dig deep into the root of the problems plaguing our society. We connect with the students right where they are currently — in the mind. We have confirmed that the original mind has been corrupted. Therefore, our job is to guide students on a course to restore the original mind. Which means to show them how they have arrived at their current condition. The goal is to increase … awareness of … the current state of hip-hop, [the] Black family, [the] education system, male and female relationships, [the] economy, and our glorious Black History.  Students learn about two great thinkers of the 20th Century, W.E.B.Dubois and Booker T. Washington.  The curriculum is offered in 2-hour sessions over a 5 day period or 5-hour sessions over a 2 day period of time.