Merceneri Records is an Independent Music Label from San Diego California Establish in April 2005. It was founded by Ernesto Neri also known as “Pelon”. Merceneri Records is one of the first and youngest Music Labels to open International markets as an Independent. It has worked with a lot well known international artist such as; Snoop Dogg, The Game, Too Short, T-Pain, Mr. Shadow, Slush Tha Villain, Los Nandez (Colombia), Los Mariguanos, Flendo ( France), Prhome (Italy), El Demonio (high power), Thief Sicario (Krazy Race), and many more. Merceneri Records has over 19 CD productions up to this date some of the best include; West Coast Invasion vol.1, The best of Merceneri vol.1, Orgullo Azteka, Italianos Intocables, Money Is The Motive, where there is participation of various artist from around the world. Merceneri was also invited to participate on a compilation called “The Game Recognize Game” produce by “The Game” himself. Merceneri Records has been feature on the front page of Italy’s news paper with an article about Merceneri being one of the most active and most productive Independent music labels in Europe. The owner of Merceneri was interview with a full page article on “Groove Magazine” on their November/December 2008 issue, calling him “El Jefe”, “Merceneri Records one of the Most Productive Labels from California”. Merceneri Records has help a lot of Independent Artist to get their music heard through various compilations that it produces and distributes worldwide, giving full credit and promoting the artist website or myspace on the back cover of each cd. Merceneri Produces about 3 to 4 CD compilations a year. You can now find all of their music on all digital download stores, and it just got distribution in the “U.K.” through Junodownload.com just search for Merceneri, or google them.  In 2007 Merceneri Records also launches a Regional Mexican Music Label with it's first production called "Duelo Regional vol.1" wich consist of Norteño, Banda, Sierreño, and Duranguense music.  It is currently working with it's firs sign artis "Luis Mora" El compa de nayarit on his fourth album called "Corridos De Arranque" wich is due to be release by October 2009.