Struggling Merchants Facing the Coronavirus Crisis Have a Team to Turn To
When Revenue Drops or Even Disappears, HOW DO BUSINESSES and FAMILIES SURVIVE?
The FIX (Financial Intervention Experts) TEAM Provides Immediate Help.

COLUMBIA, South Carolina March 25, 2020 -- As the world changes by the minute, merchants face almost desperate situations they could have never planned for. What happens when: A restaurant is limited to takeout and delivery? Clothing store items remain on untouched hangers? No one is buying tires and oil changes because they can’t travel? Auto dealerships lock up the keys? The computer shop is overwhelmed with repair work from remote workers and need to hire more people?
“The challenging and scary scenarios are endless, and worried merchants need immediate help. We understand that our clients build a life, not just a business,” says Swype Fast Chief Operating Officer, Lance Brown. Brown holds a MBA from The Fuqua School of Business of Duke University, and developed the merchant partnership strategy for one of the nation’s largest banks.
Headquartered in Columbia, SC, Swype Fast was launched in 2017 by longtime banking, real estate, and insurance executives to offer merchants in all industries a wide range of vital business services. Says Brown, “When we first got started it was important to create the Financial Intervention Experts Team, our FIX TEAM. Merchants face emergencies every day, so they may need immediate resources that can help them with everything from the quick acquisition of ready capital and a program to significantly reduce credit card processing fees, to insurance products and real estate opportunities. As this virus situation unfolds, it could end up becoming a matter of basic survival for merchants and their families. We are here to assist them right now.  Everyone is going through this, and we also certainly encourage consumers to patronize local merchants whenever possible.”
The Swype Fast FIX TEAM provides:
1.     Vital strategies to recover lost income.  
2.     Cash advances to get merchants through immediate crisis situations, such as paying bills, meeting payroll, and keeping their family safe.
3.     Point of Sale methods to help business owners keep more of the money they’ve worked hard to earn, via an innovative cash discount program and the reduction of credit/debit card processing fees.
4.     Comprehensive reviews of an operation’s employee benefits, such as health, retirement, and insurance plans.
5.     Evaluation of the current investment portfolios of owners and investors, include real estate.
6.     Equity capital investment available for midsize to larger operations.
7.     Planning for future emergencies.
8.     "Resilience in Crisis" mentoring for owners and managers, along with training sessions for teams, which enable them to minimize the financial and psychological impact of these turbulent events.
Says Brown, “We have clients all over the country. Our FIX TEAM’S proven solutions are not limited by borders.” The Swype Fast FIX TEAM is comprised of internal employees and strategic partner experts. Clients include mom and pop businesses with a single storefront, large companies with multiple divisions and sites, and startups.