How Barter Works
When you join the Merchants Barter Exchange, you are credited in Trade Dollars for products or services you supply to another member. You can then spend those Trade Dollars to purchase goods or services from the same — or any other — member.

This eliminates the traditional restriction of one-on-one barter trading, where each business must want what the other offers.

And member companies of the Merchants Barter Exchange offer just about anything a growing business could need or want, including advertising/marketing services, brand-name office supplies and equipment, home furnishings, travel opportunities, professional services, entertainment and gifts, home contractors, and much more.

You’ll also enjoy a number of valuable features of the exchange, including:

•No hassles collecting payment. When you make a barter sale to another member, you call in advance for authorization to verify that your buyer has sufficient Trade Dollars to pay for their purchase from you. That means NO bad debts!
•Local and national business listings with MBE brokers and unlimited listings of items for barter in weekly e-mail.
•Additional business opportunities available through MBE trade auctions and promotional seminars.
•Easy-to-read monthly statement that makes it easy to track all your barter sales and purchases. State-of-the-art technology keeps all records for you. And you command 24/7 access to your account online.