LSF praised for being among the first corporation in America to experience revolutionary technology platform.

Likely Story Financial Group, LP boldly pushes for innovative conflict resolution & negotiation online course rapidly changing the global eLearning environment and transforming how students learn.

Understand the key factors of successful negotiation in order to achieve objectives and maintain long-term relationships are the main focus of this new elearning platform.  A purpose not taken lightly as markets become intertwined with diverse supply chain distribution endeavors.

Why is Merchants video platform exceptional?
□ Learn to analyze and address the behaviors and interests of different parties.
□ Utilize tools, strategies, and creativity to generate alternatives and reach mutually beneficial agreements.
□ Avoid common traps and tactics in a negotiation.
□ Increase confidence in your own negotiating ability. “Merchants”: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution.

Advantages and Benefits of Merchants
□ Merchants is an online interactive training product that does not require face-to-face support.
□ The negotiation simulator allows you to practice and improve the skill of negotiation and conflict resolution; a first in e-learning.
□ The student can practice in a risk-free environment conflict resolution and negotiation in various contexts based, all based on real situations.
□ After each negotiation, the student receives a personalized feedback report detailing the strategies, proposals and policy of concessions that they have utilized. The detail and personalization of the feedback provided by the simulator is more complete that what a consultant can offer in an on-site training course.
□ Merchants represents the most cutting-edge educational methodology in the world for professional skills training.
□ The video game, adventure format guarantees a high-level of engagement in capturing the student’s attention and maintaining it throughout the course.

□ Available in English and Spanish.