Meridian Health Alternative, LLC (MHA), a mobile nutritional health testing service, conducting health assessments using the BioMeridian device, which is FDA approved and currently used in clinics and offices worldwide.

The BioMeridian device addresses a variety of health concerns with a non-invasive, integrated technology system. Electrical currents between 58 commonly-used accupoints on the body are measured and profiled in a similar way to EKG machines and Holter counters. The measurements read by the machine indicate either stress or weakened conditions in corresponding organs or systems. Health professional's review profiles and charts generated by MHA test measurements to make the appropriate recommendations for each patient. Recommendations include nutritional supplements and/or homeopathics that will bring the client's nutritional health back into balance.

Our tests save clients money by focusing on nutritional health supplementation and homeopathics that directly address their nutritional health needs. This prevents the client from picking and choosing supplements or homeopathic remedies based on non-practitioner recommendations.