Developed by Mike Pnematicatos with over 25 years’ experience in the timeshare, fractional and property development industry, Merlin is the most complete business software available to resorts, fractionals and mixed used developments.

From single timeshare resorts to multi-destination residence clubs, Merlin’s functionality provides a single software solution for today's resorts and property management organisations.

Developed as state of the art Business Application Software, Merlin is served across the internet. Indeed, it is the only industry-specific software that is intrinsically web-based and not functionality that has been added as an after-thought.  Users simply access their accounts securely via a web browser from anywhere, at any time, without the need of expensive link lines and hardware installations.

Merlin Software is highly interactive allowing resorts and management companies to integrate the software with their current websites to offer a range of services such as online bookings and management fee payments. Members can transact in real time, accessing the same data and with all activities written back directly into Merlin.

The team at Merlin has a wide variety of industry experience covering resort development, management, sales and marketing. With such industry experience, that no other software company can offer, businesses need look no further for a safe pair of hands to provide the latest, cutting edge technological solutions.