Messiah Television Network uses her own dedicated servers in the US, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
We have been spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 2 years through MessiahTube  -  (www.messiahtube.com)
We now have launched Messiah Stream Television – (www.messiahstream.tv) a new ministry in the Christian market of streaming television, 24/7 channel, video on demand and radio.
We want to expand in order to be able to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus

Start your own Internet Television Station

An Internet Television Station is a great way to spread the gospel. We founded Messiah Stream Television. On this internet station you can make an account from where you can live stream your events, set up a 24/7 TV Station and broadcast on demand as well as a radio station against an affordable price. Messiah Stream Television is totally integrated with MessiahTube, a social media website, both sites use the same database, so that users only have to register once and can use the same username and password to enter these sites.

The power lies in the fact that Messiah Stream television and MessiahTube are fully integrated.

Your live streaming can be seen by people worldwide and they become virtual members of your organization. Your audience will feel a part of your ministry through the use of live broadcast.

You can now have your own 24/7 Television network. The biggest advantage your internet Network Channel will give you is in the form of a constant 24 hour exposure.
Keeping in step with the demands of Christian consumers worldwide, Messiah Fellowship offers very impressive and powerful broadband technologies to help users to inexpensively deliver their ministry messages globally, including Internet Television, live broadcast services, video-on-demand services, and a streaming system to broadcast messages 24 hours a day.  This will make the ministries more efficient while bringing more exposure.

When you register you automatically have a FREE account with MessiaTube, where you can built you own site, ministry groups, live video chat, upload pictures etc.
You also will get a FREE account with Messiah Stream Television unless you deceide to take a paid account with more possibilities.