Met Inc is a grassroots non-profit organization devoted solely to the purpose of advocating for the self-sufficiency of Georgia communities and creating safe havens for children. We believe that all people have the right to live in safe neighborhoods, have access to the best educational resources and learn the best practices of a decent quality of life.

We believe to accomplish maintaining a safe environment and help raise healthy children, we must:
-Educate people on the plight of Georgia's communities
-Advocate for sound government policies for children and families
-Mobilize and Empower communities to take a stand for themselves
-Network and connect people and programs that help communities
-Provide information resourcing through Met Inc partners and other advocacy organizers to assist with the maintenance and development of programs and initiatives for communities.

Met Inc was founded on the conviction that people of all statures, age group and ethnic background can, and must work together- across boundaries of religious beliefs and spiritual practices- to improve on the lives and well being of all residents within Georgia communities- starting first with the quality of life provided to the children who reside there.

Met Inc calls upon the thousands of residents, local business owners, faith-based institutions, institutions of higher learning, and civic leaders to put their collective need for safe, secure environments to action and bring their compassion and commitment to the fight against social inequities that threaten our children's ability to realize their full potential.

Some of the major issues Met Inc focuses on include: fostering civic responsibility within communities to aid in the crisis of healthcare, education, family violence, crime prevention, financial literacy, closing the intergenerational gap between adults and youth, increasing the breadth of technology as a resource, closing the foothold of poverty and illiteracy, and universal access to programs that support parents and help meet the needs of all children equally.

Founded in January 2002, Met Inc hit the ground running, no doubt positioning itself to be a national-standard bearer for this simple but far reaching idea: Evolve...Strive...and Reach Beyond Right Now.

Keeping it simple, yet effective, is one of the founding principles behind the successful strategy of the company's mission statement. The emphasis of our work is not just on education, social service and recreation- but on rebuilding the very fabric of community life. Met Inc intentionally develops programs where other agencies are not located, or fosters collaborative partnerships with the existing service providers to increase the efficiency of services to communities and create synergy services and increase service capacity for municipalities.

In 2010, Met Inc jumped off the year with its annual Just Say Y.E.S! to Youth Campaign, focusing on effective strategies to help young people increase civic responsibility, sidestep adverse lifestyle choices and bridge the intergerational gap between adults and youth. Various yearly activities will include a City-wide Teen Empowerment and Entrepreneural Summit, Rites of Passage Programs for boys and girls 13-19 years old, and more.

For more information about Met Inc services, programs and upcoming events, visit their corporate website at http://www.evolve-strive-reach.org or contact them:

email: info@evolve-strive-reach.org
snail mail: P.O. BOX 16736 Atlanta, GA 30321
phone: (404) 803-4142

Help Met Inc Just Say Y.E.S! to Youth in 2010....it's all about Youth Empowered to Survive in today's world.