METERS AND MORE is a global non-profit industry organization that maintains and promotes the METERS AND MORE protocol for bidirectional data transfer in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. This new generation powerline communications protocol is internationally recognized as a standard protocol for smart grid communications at CENELEC (CLC/TS 50568) and it is the most widely deployed communication protocol for remote meter management.  Currently used in smart metering and smart city projects across Europe, Latin America and Asia, it builds on the experience of ENEL’s Telegestore, the largest AMI solution in operation worldwide that connects over 40 million customers.  METERS AND MORE also powers the smart meters that Endesa is installing for its 13 million domestic and commercial customers in Spain – the largest ongoing smart meter roll-out in Europe.  The Association provides a certification process that offers a designation of interoperability and quality for compliant-products and supports widespread adoption of the METERS AND MORE protocol by providing a forum for further technology development and enhancements for applications beyond the meter and market building programs.  Founded in 2010, METERS AND MORE has over 40 members including leading technology providers, meter manufacturers, system integrators, distribution system operators, technological service providers and other institutions. The Association is governed by Belgian Law (Association Internationale sans but lucratif – AISBL)